Friday, February 24, 2012

Target - inspiration

So I've really been into patterns lately. I've started incorporating them into my pottery and my drawings. The possibilities are just endless and the inspiration can be found anywhere. Like yesterday, my daughter and I went to Target to pick up some things, just the usual cat food, diapers, etc. But then I noticed something - beautiful patterns. They were everywhere, on a ceramic dish, pillows, clothing. I snapped a couple of photos, thanks goodness for cell phones, and will be adding them to my inspiration book. Which, by the way, I think everyone should have. It's just a small sketch book that I always have in my purse so whenever an idea comes to me I can just jot it down. Whether it's a website, book, drawing, whatever I want to hold on to. Cause with my memory these days if it doesn't go in that book I lose it!! Then when I need that little push to create something I can look back and get those creative juices flowing. And it's not about copying some one's art, it's about drawing from that inspiration and creating your own - like, as you can see from the photos below, I'm really drawn to blue! So my next piece might draw from those color combos. Who knows where it will take me!

Where do you get your biggest inspirations?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 1 & 2

Day 1 - your view today
Work. Not terribly exciting, but it is my full-time days to be at work plus it was SUPER busy.
So yeah, this was what I got to look at ALL DAY LONG.

Day 2 - words
So now that I have gotten back into reading my Kindle has been a blessing, especially those 99 cent books! Reading the series 'Wool' right now, highly recommended.