Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting back to work

So I've been a new mom now for almost a month! I can't believe it, time has just flown by! Me and my little angel are getting to know each other and I could not be happier to get to spend my whole day with her!
But now that the dust has settled I feel I can start to get back to my etsy shops, of course only in short spurts while the baby is sleeping! My first task is adding some new products to my photography shop.

And here they are!  

They are 2.5"x3.5" high quality prints of my photographs - what a great, affordable way to buy art!
And these are matted - all ready to be framed! So easy!

You can check them out in my shop:

I'll be adding more images soon but you can request any of photos as an ACEO, just send a request.

And I'll be adding more products to my Aglaea Graphics shop soon as well!


Moonangelnay said...

very beautiful! ive wondered in the past whether to offer matting on ACEOs, or anything i print really. they do look beautiful matted!

Tessa said...

These look so great!! Yay for being a new mom for a whole month too! :)

kyungmee said...

Congrats..they are beautiful! But most of of hearing of being a mother!!!