Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review Sunday: An Illustrated Life

'Find insight and inspiration for your creative life' - that perfectly describes An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory. This book is a huge collection of pages from artists sketchbooks, a glimpse into their private worlds.
It is just awesome to look through! You get pages from all kinds of artists, in all kinds of media and on all subjects - their travels, their work, their everyday life. There are also blurbs from each artist describing their process and work, even what sketching journals they recommend, what pens, markers, paints or whatever they use.
The day I got this book I just sat and looked at it for hours, enjoying the beauty on each page - all so different from the page before. It makes you want to grab that sketch book and go out everyday to record a part of your life on paper. Just a great, great book. Highly recommended.

This are some sketches of Simonetta Capecchi, an italian professor of architecture.

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Tessa said...

I love this book too! Check out Danny Gregory's website for some podcasts where he interviews the book's participants - so cool...