Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review Sunday: The Nature of Art

This week's book review features a brilliant artist who happens to live down the road from me!
The Nature of Art by John Driscoll features a gorgeous collection of artwork by Don Nice.
Don lives in the Hudson River Valley of New York and gets tons of inspiration from the area, as do I, and creates these beautiful pieces that are very unique. He is not just creating a nice painting of a landscape scene but also incorporates symbols that are associated with that area, either personal or widely recognized.
This painting is called Hudson Highland Valley and features the Hudson River as seen from West Point Military Academy, the academy is a very important feature of our area. The painting also features a brown bear along with items associated with West Point, as well as Don's own camera and hiking boot taken along with him when he painted the river scene. The colorful border around the scene is his representation of earth, wind, water and fire and can be seen in a lot of his work.

Just a fantastic book featuring a fantastic artist, definitely check it out.
And I get to say I know him! I've got to get him to sign this book at some point!

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Tessa said...

Awesome! This work is really unique.